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Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing You Can Count On

Tax Consultants gets your payroll done and handles all the extra work as well. We will create your paychecks and stubs, W-2s, and we will file the necessary payroll reports on time, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in penalties. We will also make sure you receive the updated reports in a comprehensive manner that allows you to maintain full knowledge of what is happening in your business. 

We outline detailed employee pay stubs than include taxes withheld, accrued time off, and benefit or garnishment deductions.

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Payroll Plus

In addition to the basics of payroll and payroll taxes, we draw on our years of experience to help you minimize your company's risk and deal with workers' compensation claims. 

We also ensure your company is up to date in the following areas:

  • Prepare W-2’s for each employee
  • Handle wage verification
  • Unemployment claims
  • Unemployment audits
  • New hire reporting
  • Child support and other garnishments
  • Workers Compensation Audits